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ETHOS - [ee-thos]
The fundamental beliefs, habits, practices and customs of a character, group or society.

Welcome, to ETHOS health and fitness, Brisbane's newest transformation coaching specialist,  located in the heart of the city.

"If you don't like you, change you" is a code which Jess, director and founder of ETHOS hf has stood by for many years and has lived through herself.

Once unmotivated and weighing over 100kg, Jess completely transformed her body and mindset. Going from getting puffed trying to jog to the end of the street and being embarrassed to walk into a gym, she has shed over 35 kg, regularly runs obstacle races ranging from 8 to 42 kms and spends her spare time boxing, body building and honing her craft.

Jess has a passion for health and fitness, an ETHOS which she now helps to instil in others, inspiring them to overcome their fears and doubts, and transform themselves into their own hero, allowing who they are on the inside reflect on the outside.

Jess specializes in body and mindset transformations with personalized, detailed coaching including personal training, nutrition and mindset to help you build strength and muscle, lose body fat and create the elite.


Personal Training

Transform your body and mind with a coach dedicated to your goals.  1-1 service lets you receive all the tools you need to help you get to who you want to be and feel at home in your body.

Group Training

In small group training your coach is dedicated to providing the best workouts and advice to help you and your team reach each individual goal and push through every challenge. 
Made for groups of 2-5 people.


Whether your needs are team building,  health and fitness education or training for a specific event,  ETHOS will work with you to provide the best outcome. 

Boot Camps 

RAINBOW FITNESS - 45 minutes of circuit training for any fitness level.  
Every Monday at 5:45pm in the beautiful Botanic Gardens. 
For LGBTQI and friends,  get fit,  be challenged and meet new people!

Online Training

All the benefits of Personal Training you can access from anywhere in the world by phone,  tablet or computer. 

Obstacle Racing 

With several years experience in obstacle racing such as Tough Mudder, True Grit,  Spartan and more, your coach is ready to take you from beginner to elite in your chosen race. 

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